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  Forty Years of Projects by Kathy Halbreich (2011) Current Project "Textportrait" by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer (2011)
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David Fertig

02.09.12 | Comment?

Aktuelle Ausstellung (2008), Titel: “Recent Paintings”, [Name]: David Fertig - James Graham and Sons New York. [bot 4.1 Location]: New York [distance-open/closed]: 08.01.09. More informations: James Graham and Sons New York, Biography (Web 2.0 search in facebook) David Fertig. Indexed database [PUBLISHED]: James Graham and Sons New York; David Fertig. Text Portrait, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer | MoMA Projects series: David Fertig, James Graham and Sons New York: More___
Description: Internet Art Project - MoMA Projects Series:


Ground Zero

Project Textportrait - 9/11 Ground Zero [2001-2011]

Artvideo Installation: Andy Warhol (Ralph Ueltzhoeffer MoMA Environment).

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